Inspired Policy

Cross promotion. Might as well right?

I have another blog I manage titled Inspired Policy. I was writing so many academic papers, some really great content, that it was a shame to get a grade and tuck it away without ever exposing it to anyone. So I decided that other graduate level students deal with the same issues: that writing a paper creates some great, original content, and there is no reason it shouldn’t be shared with the world.

This is where Inspired Policy comes in. It is a sort of blog collective, a body of revolving writers that offers up content that would otherwise never see day. Of course, content created just for contribution is also very welcome. In fact, a future vision would include the submission of content that was written exclusively for Inspired Policy.

If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, head over to Inspired Policy and get some more information. All the contact info and details can be found there on the actual site. The blog gets a fair amount of traffic, and some of my personal content has been picked up by USA Today online, the Dallas Morning News, and other news organizations. So check it out!

Inspired Policy on Facebook.

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