How do I get automatic updates emailed to me when a new blog entry is published?

Doing this is fairly simple.

(1) Click on the line that says, “Subscribe to behind a camera!” A box should prompt you to enter your email address.

(2) Fill in what email address you want to use in the top box.

(3) An email will be sent to your email account (whichever one you chose to enter). Open up your inbox and look for the email verification. You should see an email sent from “WordPress Subscriptions,” or something similar.

(5) Open up the email and look for a link within the email sent to you. Click on the link to verify the subscription. Now you’re all done.

(6) Comment, read, have fun!

Will I get any spam from auto-subscribing to your blog?

Don’t worry, you won’t get any spam, or weird emails from Nigeria asking you to release a trust fund; just a simple email letting you know when I post a new entry. Of course, if you think my blog entries are irritating and boring to read, then I guess you could consider getting emailed a new one to be like spam.

I can’t view some of your pictures, or your videos. What can I do to fix it?

Some of the media I post requires what’s called Adobe Flash Player. If you haven’t installed that on your computer then you won’t be able to view some things. You’ll also need to have Javascript enabled on your computer as well.

Click Here

Visit this link to install Flash player, then click on “Get Adobe Flash Player 10.” Save the file, and follow the instructions to finish.

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