Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em’

It’s been nothing but the usual lately…

To be honest, I haven’t covered anything worth writing about. Just typical new’s trips: abortion, gay marriage, salvation stories, religious extremism, immigration. I haven’t had any stories that break the typical news mold. And I haven’t had any interesting encounters or funny stories. So, here’s my plan…I’m going to tell a story from about a year ago, a story I was reminded of when I heard a song on the radio yesterday.

It started when a news photographer got sick. I was local for the week, on call to  shoot stories around Virginia. I had a free afternoon the next day, unbooked, and received a phone call from our scheduler. 2:30PM, he told me, in the green room, tomorrow. We had a guest coming on one of our talk shows, and I was going to shoot a side interview for our news programming beforehand. Fine.

Then our boss told me our guest was Stanley Kirk Burrell. Some of you may recognize that name. I didn’t…

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The Redshirt Champion

Coach K watches over his players during a pre-game practice.

Gordon Hayward was crying on the back of a golf cart behind the stadium. They were about to drive him to a private CBS studio for a post game interview. I was holding a steady close up of the kid’s face: red, tired, and beaten. He had just lost the championship. Continue reading

The woman who was a clown…

It started with skipping dinner.

View from my hotel room in San Diego.

I was in a hotel in San Diego, a big Hilton just off of San Diego Bay. I had skipped dinner after a long day of shooting news stories for CBN. And instead of grabbing dinner out–I stayed in. This turned out to be an error. At around 9:30 my stomach told me otherwise. Thus began a spark that would end with meeting the clown lady…

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Walking the Heritage, Lindsborg, KS

Bicycling in the parade.

Our family rode bikes down Main St. in Lindsborg, KS to celebrate our heritage.

It started with a photograph of a little boy, and ended in a little town in Sweden, nearly 2,000 miles away, some hundred years later.

My grandfather’s dad’s parents had migrated over to the United States back in the late 1800’s. For some reason or another, all contact between the newly Swedish-American family and the homeland was lost. As soon as my Great-Grandfather’s parent’s hit US soil they had trouble keeping up with family. Losing touch with distant Swedish relatives, sadly, caused a massive gap in family history. We knew we were from Sweden, but to put a finger on much more than that would be a stretch. There was one thing though, that would prove key to unlocking our family past… Continue reading